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Apartment with sea views

The project

Front line beach apartment with three bedrooms located on the exclusive Marbella Golden Mile. A comprehensive reform was carried out in the home, following a design of pure lines, in which limestone floors, noble woods in the kitchen mixed with stone countertops, and marble bathrooms coexist.

Its privileged location on the seafront, as well as its spectacular gardens, make these two elements the protagonists when facing the interior design project; the sea and the exterior vegetation had to be part of it.

The result had to be a warm apartment, in tune with the surroundings, and with a pleasant atmosphere that invites you to relax. Our maxim was to create a functional home that adapts well to the passage of time.

The color palette chosen is that of neutrals, whites and grays, tones that favor luminosity and also combine perfectly with the color accents that are added in each of the rooms: boiler tones, grayish blues, touches of earth, and some black. And splashes of color on cushions and squares to avoid a flat, boring result.

As for the furniture, we opted for pieces with simple lines in neutral colours, and natural fibers and teak on the terrace.

It was a challenge to find a solution to integrate the TV and make it go unnoticed due to the orientation of the room and the large number of windows in that room. We designed a special piece of furniture that gave space to the living room, hides the TV and is also part of the dining room. It was thus possible to create a unique space by merging the different environments.

A look at the project