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Alhambra del mar

The project

This house is located in one of the most exclusive urbanizations on the Golden Mile of Marbella. It is characterized by its architecture and its spectacular garden, full of majestic palm trees, Mediterranean pines, and centuries-old olive trees, with water also being another of the great protagonists: fountains, artificial lakes, streams, and pools give rise to a unique space just a few meters from the sea, and we could not be oblivious to it when considering the complete reform and interior design project of this wonderful duplex, because it was also one of the client’s requirements, to transfer the fresh and Mediterranean architecture of the exterior to the interior of the house.

Our challenge was to achieve a visually larger and more organized space by proposing a new distribution, opening the kitchen to the living room, and making the exterior form a whole with the interior of the house. In short, fill it with light and recover the Mediterranean essence.

Mediterranean design, with a commitment to materials, wood and natural textures, limestone, linen, and cotton to create a fresh, warm, and light-filled environment. As the owners live in a country where there is hardly any sunlight, it was very important to flood the house with this element. The aim was to recreate the freshness of the sea, the Mediterranean warmth, and the relaxed lifestyle.Regarding the colors used, natural tones, mixed with a palette of pastel and earth tones.

The colors are used in such a way that the appropriate harmony is established between the different tones and the predominant light in the house, in order to create that sensation of calm that we pursue.

Regarding the materials and accessories, we opted for flooring with a natural aesthetic, such as porcelain mixed with fine wood in white and natural tones, together with selected accessories that also respect this naturalness so that the spaces are not overloaded.

A look at the project