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Villa Seraphina

The project

In all the homes located on the Costa del Sol, which is the place where we develop most of our projects, one of the main points when planning the interior design project is that the exterior areas of the home (terraces, pool area, solarium, barbecue area, etc.); which can be lived practically all year round due to the climate of this area of ​​southern Europe, are practical and functional, invite you to relax, and a careful design. The client is usually mostly foreign, and comes here to enjoy the climate, so it is essential to integrate the interior with the exterior in a harmonious and balanced way.

In this home, located in an exclusive gated residential area of ​​Marbella known as Los Naranjos Hill Club, in the heart of Nueva Andalucía, and with exclusive and panoramic views of the mountains and the sea, the environment marked the project.

The client wanted a house with Mediterranean charm and a contemporary atmosphere.

For the colors we opted for off-white as the main color, adding earthy tones, touches of blue, green or earth tones with black accents, which provide that contemporary touch.

Natural materials, wood, ceramic stone, linens, cottons, and touches of velvet.

The large windows in the living room with views of the pool and the sea in the background, in addition to the numerous windows throughout the house, provide a lot of natural light to the home. We opted for warm lighting, placing more emphasis on specific or focal lights, rather than great general lighting.

In the bedrooms, we have opted for a palette of soft and relaxing colors, with high-quality textiles and decorative details that reflect the serenity and elegance of the Mediterranean style. The spaces have been designed with comfort and convenience in mind, creating cozy environments full of charm.

A look at the project