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Tucán Villa

The project

This house captivated us from the beginning. It is a single-story house on the Los Naranjos golf course (Marbella), the result of a complete reform by the architect Jorge Rincón Wong. With a timeless, serene and warm style, the interior design had to be in total harmony so as not to break this balance.

Our interior design project carried out in collaboration with the architect sought to accentuate the warmth of the house, based on the premise that the environments had to flow smoothly, resulting cozy and relaxing, and reinforcing the continuity that exists between the interior and exterior.

We are inspired by the nature that surrounds the house, and by the materials and fabrics that convey peace and reflect a relaxed life in the Mediterranean.

For the decoration we use noble materials and very special natural fabrics: linens and cottons with very soft, smooth colors and stripes in specific areas. White predominates in all its shades, with very light grays and earth tones, mixed with blues, waters and greens. Natural rugs have a great prominence.

The entire exterior is made of teak and with very light fabrics, thus flowing with the interior and inviting relaxation in the open air, with a beautiful view of the golf course.

The challenge when approaching the interior design project was to find the balance between the natural and the elegance, and that there was no element that clashed in any of the rooms. Some elements give character to the house, such as the works of the artist Quique Sarzamora, or the panoramic mural at the entrance and the interior garden, both in Japanese style, given Jorge Rincón Wong’s connection with this Asian country.

A look at the project