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Sancha 32

The project

Exclusive new construction project in Malaga with an unbeatable location, in a privileged area, between Paseo de Sancha and La Caleta Beach, on the first line with sea views. The architecture, with simple and careful lines, respects the original façade that overlooks Paseo de Sancha, revaluing the building and recovering its importance, together with the adjoining buildings designed by Fernando Guerrero Strachan.

In this project we work not only on the realization of the interior design project, but also on the distribution of spaces, selection of materials and kitchen and bathroom design. The entire team, architect, interior designer, developer and construction company, have worked in order to be able to offer a unique project in the best area of ​​Malaga.

The Paseo de Sancha, where the project is located, connects the central area with the eastern area of ​​Malaga, where emblematic stately villas abound that reflect the golden age of the history of this city. The interior design had to value this historic enclave, seeking timeless elegance, and at the same time being very contemporary and current.

As it is a housing development for sale, it must be taken into account that it is necessary to design for final client that we do not yet know, so the challenge when we face a project of these characteristics is to imagine the people who will end up living there. : nationalities, age, lifestyle, etc.

In the colors we use sand tones and the palette of warm neutrals, which connect the entire house, from the kitchen to the bathrooms, and we study the distribution of furniture in detail to maximize the spaces. The design of the furniture is of pure lines with touches of warm wood, and the luminaires of contemporary design.

We are convinced of the success of this project, it is a unique product in a city like Malaga that is now so fashionable, and we have really enjoyed our participation in its creation together with the rest of the team of collaborators.

A look at the project