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The project

This wonderful apartment, located in one of the most emblematic buildings in the center of Marbella, built during the golden era of the 1960s, underwent a comprehensive reform carried out by its owner PURE LIVING PROPERTIES that sought to update and renovate without losing the charm and magic of the building.

In the new distribution, the Kitchen was integrated into the Living Area and both areas enjoy the fantastic gabled roof that was left in view after the reform and was covered in white wooden planks. Considering the ceiling as a main feature, we proposed a very simple, timeless kitchen design, and we looked for a color that was easy to integrate with the living room furniture.

For the rest of the proposal we settled for simple and elegant pieces with a certain fresh touch, playing with contemporary lines that would become timeless. The sofa was specially designed and manufactured for the project.

The Main Bedroom was enhanced with mouldings on the walls, playing with soft and very cozy tones both in the upholstery and in the pieces of furniture.

A look at the project


diseño interior marbella salon
diseño interior marbella comedor
diseño interior marbella salon chimenea
diseño interior marbella dormitorio
diseño interior marbella dormitorio entrada detalles
diseño interior marbella baño
diseño interior marbella dormitorio detalles
diseño interior marbella baño detalles
diseño interior marbella entrada detalles